Frozen – 2013


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Magnificent animation movie. The animation combined with adventure and comedy in this movie creates an amazing show. Inspired by “The Snow Queen”, by Hans Christian Andersen, the story line is wonderful. This show really deserves to be watched…but actually the article is written mainly for the ones who have already seen it. So…

I didn’t end up with this movie with a question in mind, so I am not going to ask anything, I’m just waiting for opinions, questions etc 🙂

The Piannist – 2002


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piannistThe surviving of the Jews and especially the way that Szpilman survives made me wake up at the real life and see how blessed I am. The moments lived while enjoying the movie may be useful for the most of the people who are never satisfied with what they have. Sharing a toffee in 5 or more pieces, just to let every member of the family feel that sweet taste again is really sad.

What i wonder though, what may be happened with Szpilman’s family?

La fille du puisatier – 2011


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la fille du puisatierLa fille du puisatier is a cool drama and romance movie. The story may be considered classic, but there are things to learn from the movie, even if there is a happy end. From all the story and all the happenings i wonder what did Jacques feel when he left for the war and what did he write in the letter that was supposed to be given to Patricia.

Though i wonder if he got her fair. I mean that he used a dirty way in order to get her, to “force” her somehow to marry him. Initially Patricia did not love him, did not want him. The way that Jacques “got her love” doesn’t seem right for me.

Expecting opinions…

Mama – 2013 (horror)


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mamaThis is a cool horror movie. It is amazing how the two little girls Victoria and Lily live in wilderness for about 5 years and how they look aftere that. Bringing them back to the normal world and keeping them in their uncle’s house was really challenging. After a long story and a lot of happenings, Mama got what she really wanted, her real child. I wonder why she still wanted the little girls, Lily and Victoria, why she threw away her child and what happened with Lily finally.

Waiting for opinions…

Tais-Toi – 2003


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tais toiTais-Tois it’s an awesome comedy. In fact, it is my favourite one. The way that Gerard Depardieu plays wonders me and makes me “Roll on the Floor Laughing”.

The thing that i liked the most was the sequence in which the bad guys boke the blinded door of the car that was transporting money, with a freaking “cannon”.

Waiting for questions and opinions…


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – 2011


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A disturbing thing in this movie, for me, was when Angelica drank from the bowl with the mermaid tear and made her life longer, taking her father’s years.

1: Why didn’t Jack Sparrow drank from the bowl with the tear to make his life longer?

2: Still if Angelica drank it, why didn’t she steal Jack’s years somehow, because this was her purpose?

And another question: Was Angelica truly Blackbeard’s daughter?

Another questions regarding this movie are welcome.

Waiting for comments…